All About Bikes Race Roster and Rider Profiles

Chuck Alt
Andy Barker
Mike Brown
Shawn Buddenhagen
Mike Bruwelheide
Jayson Cisak
Jeff Greene
Chris Gross
Mitch Hunt
Chris Kitchin
Mike Lirette
Kyle O'Brien
Dave O'Brien
Jimmy Parrott
Rob Riek
Albe Rodenas
Mike Rozelle
Amos Swogger
Joe Younkin

Rider Profiles
Chuck Alt

USCF Category: 4
Racing Categories: Road
Racing Age (2008): 43
Bike(s): Van Dessel Kermis with Dura Ace (road), Van Dessel Project WR with FSA/Shimano (TT)
Rider Bio: Started racing at Ohio State in 1986 and continued to race sporadically after graduation till 1994. Bought a house, had kids and proceeded to get fat and unhealthy until watching the 2004 TdF motivated me to dust off my old 7s Specialized Epic Carbon. Reactivated my licence in 2005 and did a few races unattached. Joined CCC/AAB racing team in 2006. Got the triathlon bug in late 2006 due to the attractiveness of running to keep in shape while globetrotting with my job. Bought the dreaded running shoes in 8/06 and have actually gotten to the point where running isn't that bad. I don't think I'll ever be a competitive runner, but my swimming is fast enough to make me somewhat competitive in a tri.
Top Finishes
14th at Noel Wick M40 - 7/9/05
10th at PLT #3 cat 4 - 8/21/05
12th at Breezy Point Tri 40-44 - 6/3/07
13th at Chesapeake Crit cat 4 8/11/07
14th at PLT #3 cat 4 - 8/12/07
10th at Sandman Tri 40-44 - 9/16/07
12th at Cape Henry Duo 40-44 - 11/17/07

Andy Barker

USCF Category: Cat 3, Masters
Racing Categories: Road
Residence: Chesapeake, VA
Racing Age 2008: 42
Bike: Fuji Professional and Orbea Starship Carbon
Rider Bio: I have been riding and racing since 1990.
Top Finishes:

Shawn Buddenhagen

USCF Category: Cat 4
Racing Categories: Cat4, 30+, Cyclocross B
Racing Age (2008): 30
Bike(s): Fuji Professional (Road); Fuji Aloha (TT); Fuji Cross Comp; Fisher 29er (MTB)
Rider Bio: I started mountain biking in high school in the mid 90's. I started MTB racing in '96 doing the Dan Comber series. During college I hooked up with Joe Younkin (AAB Racing) and formed the ODU race team. We competed in a college series for a couple of years, and had a good time. I got away from riding for a few years, and in 2003 bought a new mountain bike and started riding again. Soon after, I got a road bike and started racing in 2005. Now I am a father of a 2 year old, a husdand, and aspiring to Cat 4 greatness.
Top Finishes:
2007 Towne Bank Crit - 3rd
2007 Amphibious Assault Crit - 4th
2006 Commonwealth Games Crit - 3rd
2006 Amphibious Assault Crit - 2nd
2006 PLT Crit - 5th

Jayson Cisak

USCF Category: Cat 5
Racing Categories: Road/Mountain/Cross
Racing Age (2008): 26
Bike(s): 2006 Litespeed Firenze w/SRAM Force
Top Finishes: 1st-Team Enduro Tidewater Mtn Bike Challenge

Chris Gross

USCF Category: Cat 4, 30+
Racing Age(2008): 36
Bikes: Fuji Professional
Rider Bio: I'm a runner and road cyclists. I started riding recreationally in 1998, had a bad accident in 2001, and took a couple of years off. I bought a new bike in 2005 and started racing in 2006. I enjoy road racing, running(all distances), and duathlons.
Top Finishes:
2007 Norfolk Cycling Classic Crit 12th place(Cat 5)
2006 State TT Championships 9th place(Cat5)
2006 Smithfield YMCA Duathlon 1st place(Overall)

Kyle R. O’Brien

USCF Category:Junior CAT 4
Racing Categories: Road
Residence: Chesapeake, VA
Racing Age 2008: 16
Bike: FUJI SL1
Rider Bio: Kyle started riding in 1997 at age 5, on the back of the family’s custom tandem with his dad. He did the MS 150 from Huntington Beach to San Diego in 1998 and continued to ride the tandem with his dad for the next several years. In 2000, at the age of 8 he got his first road bike. He continued to ride with his dad on the tandem and also trained on his road bike for the next few years. He competed in his first official race in 2004 finishing 7th in his age group. The next year, 2005, he was 3rd in the state. In 2006, he was the Virginia BAR and OMNI champion. He continued in 2007 with several first and second place wins. He is a powerful sprinter and strong climber. He will be upgrading to CAT 3 and hopes to race in the Nationals in 2008.
Top Finishes:
2006 VA 13-14 BAR and OMNI Winner
2007 1st place Tour da Peake
2nd Tour de Port
2006 1st Amphib Crit
2nd State TT
1st Caset Auto Crit
1st PLT TT #1
1st Cobble Stone Crit
1st PLT Crit
2nd Dismal Dash TT
2nd Smithfield TT
2nd Reston Town Center Grand Prix
2nd PLT #2
2nd Langley Speedway Crit
2nd PLT #3

Jimmy Parrott

USCF Category: 4 (starting in 2008)
Racing Categories: Cat 4, Triathlons and Duathlons
Racing Age: 34
Bikes: Road bike: Giant compact aero, Tri bike: Quintana Roo Caliente
Rider Bio: Runner most of my life, started multisport in 2002. Have enjoyed the cycling aspect the most, and started crit racing last year. Really enjoy the strategy aspect of crit racing!
Top finishes:
(10-21-07) Duathlon Long Course World Championship- 3rd US, 3rd age group, 5th overall
(8-11-07) Chesapeake Criterium- 1st
(7-15-07) 6th overall, 1st age group
(7-14-07) Tour De Port- 5th
(7-8-07) Blackwater Traverse Duathlon- 10th overall, 3rd age group
(6-3-07) Breezy Point Triathlon {changed to duathlon} 2nd overall
(5-6-07) Norfolk Cycling Classic- 3rd
(4-1-07) Virginia Duathlon- 1st age group
(3-11-07) Snowball Criterium #2- 2nd

Albe Rodenas

USCF Category: 4, Masters
Racing Categories: Road, Cyclocross, Mountain
Residence: Chesapeake, VA
Racing Age 2008: 41
Bike: Fuji Team Issue (road), Specialized S-Works (cyclocross), Specialized Stumpjumper (mountain)
Rider Bio: Completed my first year of racing and enjoyed the experience. After mediocre finishes in the beginning of the season, I finally got my fitness level and confidence level up to get some top 10 finishes before moving up to a CAT 4.
Top Finishes:
9th Tour de Port 2007 (CAT 5)
10th Tour de Peake 2007 (CAT 5)
14th Chesapeake Crit 2007 (CAT 4)
14th Peter L Teeuwen Time Trial #2 2007 (CAT 4)
15th Peter L Teeuwen Time Trial #3 2007 (CAT 4)
5th VA Cyclocross Finals (C)
7th Pole Green CX (C)
8th Richmond Ciclismo CX (C)

Amos Swogger

USCF Category: CAT 4
Racing Categories: Road, Cyclocross
Residence: Chesapeake, VA
Racing Age 2008: 31
Bike: Trek Madone, Fuji Cross Pro, Trek Equinox TT
Rider Bio: I started receational mountain biking in Hawaii while serving in the military in 1999. I tranferred to Hampton Roads in 2000, got out of the military, and looked for mountains/good trails. Finding none nearby, I bought a road bike and got quickly dropped on my first group ride. That made me mad. I improved my fitness and started road bike racing. I recently added a cyclcross bike to my quiver. To justify the purchase to my wife I had to race it, putting on the skinsuit of pain that is cyclocross racing.
Top Finishes:
7th Cat 4 2007 Bryan Park Circuit Race
8th Cat 4 2007 State Age-Graded Crit
10th Cat 4 2007 Tour De Peake
10th Cat 4 2006 Tour De Ports
10th Cat 4 2006 Chesapeake Crit
2nd Cat 5 2006 Snowball Crit #1
2nd Beg. Class 2005 Tidewater MTB Challenge